Our philosophy

A new conception. challenge. approach.

In theField

Joan de la Casa, aims to step away from a “modern or industrial” viticulture which focuses on a large-scale grape production and the use of phytosanitary treatments

The approach of the firm is that both soil and vines generate a self-built ecosystem to favour a balance and immunity to pests, abiding by ecological regulations.

Joan takes personal care of his land focusing on quality production, optimizing grape maturity controlling the grape harvest time, thoroughly sorting the hand-picked grapes into 12kg storage boxes, firstly straight from the vine and lastly when reaching the cellar.

In the Cellar

The same principle applies during the wine-making process: the high standard quality of the grape rules out the use of any additives -yeast, proteins, enzymes, .. The process of fermentation, carried out by wild yeasts, avoid the use of artificial ingredients. The aim is to produce natural wines which acquire the maximum singularity of their terroir with the personality of the native varieties of grapes used.

In this manner, we may say that chemical treatments have been replaced by physical ones, much friendlier with the raw material and the resulting wine: Nimi, dry white Moscatel wine and Terra Fiter, aging red wine, produced with the “giró” and “tempranillo” varieties, are genuine examples of this way of understanding viticulture.