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Nimi Naturalment Dolç Moscatel 2016

Fields:The vineyards are located in the Marina Alta (Alicante) about 200 metres above sea level. The “Moscatel” grapes are grown up at the area called “Benimarraig” which is located at less than 4 kilometres from the Mediterranean sea. The soils are chalky white.
Moscatel of Alejandría 100% from old vineyards (about 40-60 years old). Low production: 2.500 kg per hectare. The influence of the Mediterranean sea makes this variety special in this area.

Elaboration: The harvest of each plot takes place at the appropiate moment when grapes are ripped enough to obtain the maximum expresion of this variety in order to make expresssive, perfumed and balanced wines. Handpicked grapes into 12kg storage boxes. The harvest takes place during September. After a period of maceration with its peels the fermentation starts spontaniously without addingyeasts. The temperature is controlled between 15-18 ºC. Stabilized and aged with its own lees in French oak barrels for 12 months. No additives added or corrections made. Date of bottling: 16th October 2017.

Sensory characteristics: Bright old gold colour.
Intense aroma of dates, dried apricots, medlar, honey, orange peel, raisings, cocoa.
It is sweet, creamy, balanced, citrus and very long

  • Characteristics:

    • Sweet
    • Moscatel
    • Serving temperature: 8º
    • 12,5% Vol.
    • Producction: 1.380 Botles ,50 cl.