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Terra Fiter 2012

Fields: The vineyards are located in the Marina Alta (Alicante) about 200 metres above sea level. The autochthonous grapes “Giró” are grown up at the areas called “Benimarraig” and “Llenes” which are located at less than 4 kilometres from the Mediterranean sea. The soils are chalky white. "Fiter” makes reference to the grey stones from these fields.
Giró 100%. Old vineyards (50-80 years). Small production of 2.500 kg per hectare.

Elaboration: The harvest of each plot takes place at the appropiate moment when grapes are ripped enough to obtain the maximum expresion of this variety in order to make expresssive, intense and concentrated wines. Handpicked grapes into 12kg storage boxes. The harvest takes place during September.
The fermentation takes place spontaniously without adding any kind of yeasts or bacteria. The process of making the wine takes place in stainless steel tanks with a control of the temperature. No additives or corrections are made. The wine remained during 12 months in american oak barrels. Date of bottling: 24th of February 2015

Sensory characteristics:: Cherry colour with ochre medium intensity tone.
Black ripe fruit, notes of clove and black pepper, cocoa ending. Balsamic and smoked notes.
It is wide in mouth, intense, fresh, round, spicy, with a good structure.

  • CHaracteristics:

    • Red
    • Giró
    • Aging 12m
    • 14'5% Vol.
    • 4.500 bottles.